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Nyx, Elite Night Gaurd by RussianKolz Nyx, Elite Night Gaurd by RussianKolz
Our lil' baby is all growed up ;w;
Excerpt from pg. 5
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YamiKariShadow6 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013   Digital Artist
hexdarkness4 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Night Ace: heh she is alot older hope you can survive my training *grins*
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
I hope she will get a duty to protect next generation of elements of harmony.

After all what can kill element bearer will only hurt Nyx a little.

Nyx is a shield and elements will be sword.
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Aww, our little Nyx all grown up... *sniff*
mewvictini Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rphb Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
She is the dark knight, she dosn't belong in the guard, she is a one mare army, she literally can make an army of herself
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
Yes she do, yes she do, after all when she had full power, she put into sleep entire army before she beat up Celestia and Luna in duel 1 by 1, so yea, sooner or later she will once again be on the top.
rphb Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
That's what would make it so absurd to have her in the nightguard. She is a power equal to or greater then that of Luna and Celestia, regardless of her intentions or lack of desire for power she cannot be treated like a mare underling. She is a superhero not a soldier.

Can you imagine how it would be like if superman joined the army? How would you feel if you were supposed to be on his squad or be his drill sergeant? Even if you were well trained you were still human. That's how it would be if Nyx joined the night guard.
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Not really, do not forget that Nyx had full power of Nightmare Moon at her disposal, and Nightmare Moon was stronger then Celestia, and the reason Nyx defeated Celestia and Luna in duel 1 by 1 was because she spend weeks in disguise as soldiers and trained.
But this give a question, why Celestia and Luna not bothered to train they fighting abilities, Nyx trained weeks and she won, if Celestia and Luna would take a break from they duties and train they skills, they would stand a chance.

It is a ironic, Celestia and Luna have so much power, and yet they use it phateticly because they are to busy with politics and running the country, that is why mane 6 all time had to do dirty work and why Celestia lost again Chrysalis so easy.

However back to the point, Luna has taken all Nyx power, so now Luna is stronger then Celestia ( Nyx in this comics is like 100 years old, so her powers are still far away from they full potential, so I think she joined Night Guard most to gain experience.

But there is no need to worry, she may be faaar weaker then Luna and Celestia, but at last she train and practice, her special talent is to defend those who are weaker then her, so where she lack in power, she pay up with skills and hard work.

I just hope that she will become hero once her powers develop, but 100 years old trained Alicorn can still be great shield for element bearers.
rphb Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Yes it is ironic how easy she defeated both of them, considering how much restraint she still held.
The question is how fast she would be able to recover her magic, I believe that 100 years are enough to give her at least 80% recovery, but even if we say it is only 20% then it is still 100% more then Twilight and a 1000% more then a regular unicorn. She would still be a superhero.
Well I do kind of understand of course, our crown prince Frederik served in the army, he trained to become a frogman (equivalent to a navy seal). It must also have been weird for the other members of to be in the same platoon as their future king. Still it is not the same because he is still a human, while Nyx is more then a pony she is a goddess.
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Well, we still do not know much about Alicorns from the show since Celestia and Luna are so unused and undeveloped, but this is where fanon come.
It is actually very hard to determine it for me, for example:
1) lets say 700 years before Nightmare Moon Banishment, Celestia and Luna would be fillies like Nyx, when Discord was banished and later Sombra, Celestia and Luna would be in size and power of curent Luna ( grown up ), 1000 years after banishment, lets say Luna did not grown up because she was Nightmare Moon all the time, so as result Celestia is fully grown up when Luna is a bit smaller ( Luna from Nightmare Night was bigger then when she was cured from Nightmare Moon, but still a big smaller then Celestia ).
So I assume it work like this:
0-10 years ( filly of Nyx side ) 0-15% magic power
10-50 years ( little grown up filly ) 15%-25% magic power
50-150 years ( teenager ) 25%-40% magic power
150 - 700 years ( grown up ) 40%-70% magic power
700 - 3000 years ( fully grown up ) 70%-100% magic power

And lets say that Twilight with all her talent and raw power have 20% power of Alicorn when average Unicorn will have 4% or less.

My theory base on past sins when Nyx being still just a newborn, her magic power was almost criminalizing Twilights.
So Celestia have 100% power, Luna have 70% ( after she absorbed power from Nyx, she would have 120% ), Nyx 100 years old will be on 35% of her full potential.
But magic power is not only think what make Alicorn powerful, since magic inside them make them durable, so Twilight even with all her raw power is not harder then average Royal Guard, 100 years old Nyx can already take 10 times more punishment then average pony.

The only think what I find weird is Shinning Armor and Cadance and Chrysalis:
1) Shinning Armor alone was able to set up shield on entire city and keep it for weeks while being drained by changeling QUeen and preparing for wedding, totally OP, I mean, sure, he comes from Twilight family, but I do not like Shinning Armor because as Unicorn he already is one pony army, even Cadance was hardly able to keep up her shield for days and she was not drained.

My theory is that Celestia and Luna powered up Shinning Armor shield, and Shinning job was to maintain it ( I think creating shield is far harder then keeping it up from cracking ).

2) Cadance when she was babysitting Twilight, she was actually very small, do this mean she was born like 30 years ago, it is kind of confusing, and the fact that Cadance is Shinning Armor power level is on familiar level despice one being Unicorn and other Alicorn, however I like Cadance a bit, but Shinning Armor is to OP and I just not like him after wedding episode ( if for the fact how he threat Twilight and not even appologise ).

Sorry for a veeeery long reply.
rphb Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
It's okay I often write long replies myself. Yes Shining Armor is overpowered but your theory can explain it, and Cadance is properly a small teenager (in Alicorn years) when she get married. I guess she is about 60.
Still my point was, and I can't really see you arguing against that was, that Nyx dosn't belong in the guard because at 100 years, she is way way more powerful then any mortal pony.
I would say that Twilight's powerlevel is about 4% that of Celestia, while an average unicorn is about 0.4%. Nyx was from the very beginning many times more powerful then Twilight, and at 100 year she would have attained all of that and more, but not as much as fully powered yes.
Also 100% is different from pony to pony. 100% means max potential but potential is different, and her max potential I believe is 1,5 to 2 times that of Celestia. In her fully powered form her mane is so satiated with magic that it loses all semblance of form.

In my headcanon Nyx recovers relatively fast and at 100 years she has to actually supress her magic in order to prevent her mane from becoming ethereal. Celestia and especially Luna becomes worried about her, because despite her best insurances she is quickly growing up to a mare that they couldn't take on if she decided to go for the throne again. And if you know Machiavelli even having an ally running around with more power then you can be a bad thing.

(the one with the most power is the one that control the alliance, you should never ally with someone stronger then you as it will make you subordinate to them regardless of their being an agreement it or not)
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
Well, I would not go that far with overpowering Alicorns, I mean, they are strong, but they strength does not come from raw power alone but also from they durability.

Sure Celestia can control sun and moon, but so could Unicorns in the past when they team up.

And if Alicorns would be that powerful, Celestia would never send mane 6 to deal with crisis what she could solve ( it also rise a question, why Nightmare Moon not annihilate mane 6 with easy instead of just trying to scare them off, but I think it was because Nightmare was not fully in control and so she not wanted to hurt those who seek to destroy her ).

Anyway I prefer to think of Twilight having 10-20% of Celestia power, I am not sure do 4% would be high enough.

As for Nyx being in guard, well, like I said before, it is only to gain experience since guards need to train they skills in fighting and protecting.

As for Nyx potential, I would say her full potential is 120-150% of Celestia power, after all Nyx strong point is not her raw power alone, but the fact that her special talent is protect others, Alicorn born only to fight and defend, so practically her power is not what make her better then princesses when it come to deal with threats, but the fact that when princesses are busy ruling country, Nyx is training a lot.

At her full power Nyx will be able to defeat both Celestia and Luna at the same time, but Nyx would be far weaker then 2 princesses working together, she would win because unlike Celestia and Luna, she is well trained in combat and have a lot time to practice her magic, so it does not matter how much power you have but how well you can use it.

" (the one with the most power is the one that control the alliance, you should never ally with someone stronger then you as it will make you subordinate to them regardless of their being an agreement it or not) "
Keep in mind that Nyx was the one who took over and then surrendered on her own free will, and Nyx does not want leadership, she is sick of it after she was tricked to be Nightmare Moon, Celestia and Luna just need to trust Nyx just like all Equestria subjects trust that Celestia and Luna wont destroy them or enslave them, and they have hundreds of years to learn to trust her.

So yea, long story short, I think Nyx is not that powerful as you think, but she have far more time and is much more willing to practice her magic and skills, something what Celestia and Luna not have time or are not that good at, so what make Nyx special is that she can use her power much better, and I do not fell to overpower Alicorn so much, Alicorn can use magic inside them to be far more durable, Unicorn even with huge raw power is still less durable then earth pony, so there is no need to make Alicorns that strong.
And Nyx joined guards to gain experience, but even if she is guard, it does not limit her what she guard, " elite " guard mean that she probably need to do many dangerous missions what normal guards would die doing.
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Aljash Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
soooo preeeetty!
It's kinda nice to see her all grown up.
sigh, they grow up so fast...
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